When McConnell Golf and Raleigh Country Club pastry chef Lynn Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer last December, she turned to her club family for support. They rallied to the cause by joining her Cardinal Solutions Group Team in the 20th annual Komen Triangle Race for the Cure in June. Altogether, members donated $2,500 to Hart’s team, and much of the Raleigh Country Club staff participated in the race. McConnell Golf matched the member donations to raise a total of $5,000 on Hart’s behalf for breast cancer research. 

A Note From Lynn...

Going in for a routine appointment and learning that you have a very aggressive form of breast cancer was one of the worst moments of my life. I would have five months of chemo, surgery and then six weeks of radiation. Dennis Freeland was the first person I told at work; we would see how things went and take it one day at a time.

My first chemo was once a week for twelve weeks. I woke up every morning with a splitting headache but found that if I ate a light breakfast and had some coffee that it would go away in about twenty minutes. Though it did not change the recommended treatment plan, the chemo drugs worked and the tumor was gone.

My second chemo would last for eight weeks and my nausea was as wicked as they said it would be. For two and a half months, I would become deathly ill for three hours each morning before the pills would kick in. I pressed on believing that God would give me the strength to get through it and he did. This eight and a half weeks was my hardest stretch in which Dennis took an active role.

When my blood sugar dropped, I would get very light headed and experience chest pains. Even if we were quite busy, if Dennis noticed that I was looking puny, he would park a salad or sandwich in front of me. He is not only a good boss but also a good friend. Without his support, I would not have been able to make it through.

A week after I completed chemo, I did a 5k walk/run to benefit the Komen Foundation. My husband’s company, Cardinal Solutions, custom designed a shirt logo with my name on it for the race. JP, the executive chef from Greensboro drove all the way to Raleigh with his daughter Harriet to support me and John McConnell generously matched funds contributed from our company. Between our employers, friends and family $5,000 was raised in my name.

The moral support I received from McConnell Golf does not end there. A talented pastry chef named Jennifer from Country Club of Asheville was brought in to help me during the Wyndham Championship so my shifts would be shorter than last year. I was able to keep my recommended radiation schedule and still have a quality event for the VIP guests. I was very touched to receive the special Wyndham chef coat and be photographed with all the McConnell Golf chefs overlooking the 18th green.

To everyone reading this who knows me personally, thanks for your prayers. I had a great outcome for the most difficult season of my life and I am grateful to work for such a caring company.

Lynn Hart