McConnell Golf’s latest eco-friendly venture 

If you’ve pulled into the parking lot at Raleigh Country Club recently, you may have noticed something new. The club is now outfitted with a ChargePoint Level 2 commercial charging station for electric plug-in vehicles.

Nearby TPC Wakefield Plantation will have two charging stations later this summer, with the possibility of adding more should demand rise. These stations serve all electric vehicles and are free for member use.

We have several members who are already using the charging station,” says Christian Anastasiadis, McConnell Golf COO. “It’s our way of giving back, helping the environment, and making it better. It’s a great thing for our members.”

The benefits of owning an electric car are immense — there’s much more to it than a lack of tailpipe pollutants. For starters, it’s a smooth, quiet ride with stronger acceleration.

Energy efficiency is often touted as the top reason to make the switch from a traditional gas-guzzling car to electric. Electric vehicles convert between 59 and 62 percent of electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels, while conventional gas vehicles only convert about 17 to 21 percent of energy stored in gasoline.

Plug-in electric vehicles make a big impact on the nation’s energy security. In 2017, the US imported about 19 percent of the petroleum used. Energy- efficient cars are powered solely by electricity, a domestic energy source.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a plug-in electric vehicle, rest assured you’ve got two guaranteed places to recharge, with the possibility of more to come. The impact is substantial.